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Email Campaigns - All companies can benefit from email marketing. It is a proven way to deliver ROI by targeting a set of pre-qualified potential customers. Not only that, but once you have your content template set up, you can manage the entire process yourself, making it a truly cost effective marketing exercise.

Email Campaigns

Email Marketing

Building a mailing list of contacts is an easy process via a newsletter subscription form on your website or utilising contacts from your CRM internally. With this information easily available, you have access to a list of pre-qualified users. It is therefore no surprise that email marketing delivers the highest ROI from any marketing channel (Statistics show for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI). Sending these users regular, interesting and relevant content is a great way to build brand engagement.

Email Templates

Basic Email Templates

Where possible we build responisve email marketing to ensure your customers can read your communications, after all, people using their mobile device to read emails has grown 30% since 2010.

However, sometimes there's an opportunity to deliver a more bespoke message, perfect for personal invitations for example. Here we can design beautiful marketing designed for your customers inbox.

Responsive Email Template

Responsive Email Templates

When we are able to identify regular, common content for email campaigns, we can design and build templates for our clients. These templates are bespoke to the client branding and allow a certain amount of flexibility, but ultimately frame the content in an attractive and exciting context.

Because the template is set out in a standardised manner, we can design and build it to be responsive, which means the experience on a mobile or tablet device is customised and tailored - much like a responsive website.

Responsive Email Devices

"Working with UAC is always a pleasure. They’re an extremely creative team, and always have a sharp eye on the commercial expectations of each project. I have worked with them to deliver many campaigns and products from e-mail communications, advertising to website development, research and development. I would recommend them wholeheartedly and always look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with them."

- Katy Air, Atlas Knowledge Marketing Manager

Our team is always ready to work with exciting and ambitious clients. If you're ready to start your creative partnership with us, get in touch.

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