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Sentinel Marine asked us to help them build a new website for their multi-national support vessel company. During the early planning stages we were also asked to develop a new brand.

Sentinel Marine Logo

Update Brand

Sentinel Marine were keen to update their brand, whilst retaining the colours. We developed a new hero symbol for the company. Using the front of a vessel and a wave we created the Sentinel S.

Sentinel Marine Website

Location-specific Challenges

As part of the initial discussions, Sentinel Marine wanted to investigate splitting the website into two for their service regions. However, when we laid all the information out, we realised that this would be laboursome for the user and we wanted to make the user experience as simple as possible. Instead, we built the website to feature regional flags in the appropriate areas, such as within the fleet page, to help the user identify relative content without any special navigation.

Sentinel Marine Fleet Page

Updated Spec Sheets

All vessel GA plans and data sheets were also updated inline with the new branding and website style. We created both pdf and word formats to ensure Sentinel could manage the documents independently.

Sentinel Marine Fleet Spec Sheets

3D Vessels

Most vessels already had 3D visuals, but for the remainder of the fleet we created new 3D visuals to be used on the site and also within the data sheets.

3D Image of Sentinel Marine Fleet

Fully Responsive

Traffic using mobile and tablet devices is growing larger each year and it is becoming more and more important to be accessible on every kind of device. Wherever possible, such as this project, we build experiences that are accessible and responsive to the user's browser.

Sentinel Marine Responsive Website

Content Management

Ensuring that content is manageable in an on-going basis is of key important to us and our clients. For us, it means we can help the client manage content if they require it, and for them it means they can have ownership of their own website.

We utilize commercial systems because they are better supported and more secure, meaning less maintenance for the client and a stable environment for the website to operate within.

We will never use off the shelf templates, nor will we implement blogging platforms, such as Wordpress, in the place of a dependable content management system.

Screenshot of content management system

"UAC Studios redesigned our brand and website, giving us a more modern and sleek look. Iain and the team couldn’t have been more helpful and nothing was too much for them."

- Jessica Beange, Sentinel Marine Operations and Commercial Coordinator

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