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ATR Group - There were three main priorities we focussed on with the ATR Group website. The first was that we wanted to ensure the group was positioned appropriately. The second was that the site had to provide secure file sharing. And thirdly, all product information from their massive stock had to be available.

ATR Group Website Homepage

Visualise the Group

The group of companies that combine to create the ATR Group all have their own bespoke audience and, as such, marketing the company as one entity is a difficult task.

With this in mind, we introduced a hero image with a range of equipment from the group companies behind. We felt this brought the group together and the staff member as the focal point helped to reinforce that the expert service is at the core. Think of it as the ATR Group blockbuster movie poster!

ATR Group Hero Image

Client Portal

ATR Group required a secure client portal to be built and integrated within their website.

We worked with them to plan, design and build a bespoke system which fully integrated with their existing content management system.

The system allows their internal staff and external clients to log in and share important files, such as spec sheets and product-related documents - without the need for third-party file-sharing services.

ATR Group Client Portal

Provide Product Information

ATR Group, at its core, is a group of companies that primarily supply equipment and services to the oil and gas sector, and it was imperative that we outlined these offerings on the website clearly.

With a catalogue of over 400 products, spanning 4 divsions and 130+ categories, the organisation and navigation of this information is vitally important.

We implemented a search and filtering system to allow the user to find the product they were seeking with minimum fuss.

This improvement means that ATR Group staff can now direct clients to the website for vital product information.

ATR Group Website Products

Rebrand and Reposition

The Group's rapid expansion required a refreshed identity and message to ensure the brand reflected the market position of the group. We modernised the logo whilst maintaining the strong characteristics of the previous logo, and updated the typography to reflect the modernisation. We also wanted to simplify the group's service offering and reflect the international presence of the group so we introduced a message to sit alongside the logo, GLOBAL EQUIPMENT SPECIALISTS.

ATR Group Logo Updates

Content Management

Ensuring that content is manageable in an on-going basis is of key important to us and our clients. For us, it means we can help the client manage content if they require it, and for them it means they can have ownership of their own website.

We utilize commercial systems because they are better supported and more secure, meaning less maintenance for the client and a stable environment for the website to operate within.

We will never use off the shelf templates, nor will we implement blogging platforms, such as Wordpress, in the place of a dependable content management system.

ATR Group Website CMS

Website Performance

35% sessions increase

62% mobile and tablet traffic increase

39% rise in search engine traffic

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