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Rubberatkins - We wanted to reflect the level of technology and science missing from the previous Rubberatkins website. That required us to reimagine how their products were communicated. To Infinity and Beyond!

Rubberatkins Website


We commissioned top level photography to capture the Rubberatkins products. After listening to the apllications of the products (some are used IN SPACE!) and the process of creating them it became apparent they really were cutting edge and we wanted to reflect that throughout the site. We progressed a concept using abstract imagery to invoke the feeling of innovation and applied this to the photography.

Sometimes clients come to us and ask us to make them look bigger or better, but with Rubberatkins, they already have great facilities and are innovators in their field, so showing this with imagery was especially important.

Rubberatkins Photography

Engaging Content

We love spending time creating engaging content, and when Rubberatkins talked us through their process for developing products we knew we had an opportunity to use technology to communicate the steps simply and effectively. Combining 3D animation and web technology allows the user to scroll through the animation at their own pace and read the additional notes.

Rubberatkins 3D Artwork

Responsive Platform

Traffic using mobile and tablet devices is growing larger each year and it is becoming more and more important to be accessible on every kind of device. Wherever possible, such as this project, we build experiences that are accessible and responsive to the user's browser.

Rubberatkins Responsive Website

Content Management

Ensuring that content is manageable in an on-going basis is of key important to us and our clients. For us, it means we can help the client manage content if they require it, and for them it means they can have ownership of their own website.

We utilize commercial systems because they are better supported and more secure, meaning less maintenance for the client and a stable environment for the website to operate within.

We will never use off the shelf templates, nor will be implement blogging platforms, such as Wordpress, in the place of a dependable content management system.

Rubberatkins Website CMS

Website Performance

50% increase in pageviews

53% mobile/tablet traffic increase

44% rise in search engine traffic

"Rubberatkins designs, manufactures and proof tests rubber components for the oil & gas and space industries. We wanted a website which reflected our company attitude and approach in pushing the technical boundaries. Iain and Stephen from UAC were very professional, creative and enthusiastic. They delivered a fantastic product that has received many compliments. They communicated with us throughout the entire project and delivered within the agreed budget and timeframe which we really value here at Rubberatkins."

- Nick Atkins, Rubberatkins Managing Director

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