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Enventure GT asked us to help them bring a new product to the market. They wanted to build anticipation before launching a microsite providing concise and sensitive overview of their new technology.

Enventure E-Seal 3D Imagery

Build Anticipation

To help build anticipation we introduced a countdown clock on the domain which was then shared on social media channels. In the week before the launch date the number of page views doubled.

Enventure E-Seal Countdown Clock

Launch Product

After evaluating the content material we organised and structured it into a simple sitemap. Visually, we wanted to focus attention on the product so we used white space and a simple layout. The CAD visual material was then redrawn to help bring context to the tool. It’s always important to assess the content and take the time to be critical of its relevance.

Enventure E-Seal Microsite

Content Management

Ensuring that content is manageable in an on-going basis is of key important to us and our clients. For us, it means we can help the client manage content if they require it, and for them it means they can have ownership of their own website.

We utilize commercial systems because they are better supported and more secure, meaning less maintenance for the client and a stable environment for the website to operate within.

We will never use off the shelf templates, nor will we implement blogging platforms, such as Wordpress, in the place of a dependable content management system.

Enventure E-Seal Microsite CMS

Website Performance

Over 325 sessions within the first week across 27 countries.

Enventure E-Seal Microsite Reach

"The ESeal Patch micro-site has been a valuable asset for Enventure to launch our new product line in 2014. It was created with a modern customer-focused design and outstanding graphics. The partnership with UAC Studios made the product launch transition easier."

- Joseph Pledger, Marketing Coordinator, Enventure Global Technology

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