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ADTI had recently gone through internal company changes and were looking to reflect the company's new values, services and updated branding.

ADTI Website Homepage

Position & Redesign

Our first priority was to make sure that the website audience were aware of the full service offering and business models available, before looking at promoting the values of ADTI. This was a proposition for us to build around - their people have vast experience and are industry leaders, so highlighting them with amazing photography not only solved a problem, but also looked great. We then built around these areas to design a fully responsive website.

ADTI Responsive Website


As the photography was central to the new website's theme, we wanted to ensure it was perfect. We commissioned a leading photographer to come in and get very specific shots - a process that we outlined, organised and managed.

ADTI Website Photography

Fully Responsive

The website ADTI had previously was responsive, but the navigation was obstructive rather than helpful. Therefore, one of our focusses was to ensure that the website was entirely acessible and easy to use in a wide range of devices.

ADTI Responsive Website

Content Management

Ensuring that content is manageable in an on-going basis is of key important to us and our clients. For us, it means we can help the client manage content if they require it, and for them it means they can have ownership of their own website.

We utilize commercial systems because they are better supported and more secure, meaning less maintenance for the client and a stable environment for the website to operate within.

We will never use off the shelf templates, nor will we implement blogging platforms, such as Wordpress, in the place of a dependable content management system.

ADTI Website CMS

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